The amount of force exerted on your ankles and feet each day is a mathematical wonder.

Consider this. With each step, you’re sending a force that is 1.5 times your body weight onto all of your leg joints. And that’s just walking normally. It does not take into account the impact of steps, or jogging, or just stepping off the curb. The force adds up even in just one hour of movement.

It’s no wonder the number of foot and ankle injuries. As well as the intense pain that the ‘simple’ act of walking may produce.

Even everyday things such as walking to the bathroom may be a painful event. Often, the pains produce a dread in life that impacts you emotionally as well as physically.

In addition, it’s not uncommon to gain weight when you have ankle and foot pains because you can’t exercise or move the way you’d want. That creates a multiplier effect because the additional weight obviously produces more pain and may lead to even more trauma.

Yet, regenerative therapy has a great track record. (Yes, we used the word ‘Track’ on purpose because we’d hope you’d be back out on the track getting some laps for exercise after you get personal cellular therapy with BioLogics Health) with reducing the inflammation and pain.

You owe it to yourself and your family because of your inability to move as you used to impacts you and your family. Get the facts. Get the truth. Regenerative medicine is a safe, natural, powerful, and effective option for your foot and ankle pains.

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