Ever wonder why when you have an injury people often say ‘Keep Your Spirits Up’?

It’s because it’s a known fact that physical pain impacts you and your loved ones emotionally.

Hip pain is no exception.
It’s such a weight being joint with intricate moving parts and muscles. It’s no wonder if you have a hip labral issue, or if it is degenerative from a previous injury or age, then you’re going to be inconsistent and persistent pain.

People with hip injuries often have to deal with challenges ranging from getting up off the couch to dealing with the embarrassment of the difficulty of getting up from other daily events during private moments. Nobody wants a highchair after you’re grown -Right?

Don’t allow hip pains to limit you. Don’t allow hip pains to cause you further shame or embarrassment. It’s not your fault. And this could just be what you’ve been praying for.

Don’t think that THR (Total Hip Replacement) is the only option. You have choices. Even if regenerative therapy only buys you 5 or 10 more years of avoiding surgery then it’s 100% worth looking into because once you go under the knife, then you may as well set the appointment while you’re still in the hospital because the chances of you coming back for more surgery is not the percentage that you’re going to like.

Make regenerative medicine your first option and allow the power the made your body help your body to regenerate. Get the facts about how stem cell therapy is helping hip injuries and hip pains and aches. Can so many people be wrong?

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